Packaging Design

With extensive experience in designing packaging, I have had the privilege to work with renowned clients such as MGM, Fox, Seneca Foods, and many more. From crafting enticing candy wrappers to sleek CDs and reliable tools packaging, I take pride on delivering on-time and on-point.

“Oracle of Delphi” was a finalist for Best Ambient Album and Best Album Cover Design in The New Mexico Music Awards 2022. I’ve created many DVD, CD, and ad campaigns (Rolling Stone, People magazine, among others).

A Blast from the Past

Early assignments include a full campaign for the 20th Century Fox release of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” and MGM’s “Stargate SG1” for the home entertainment market. These included video and DVD packaging, in-store posters and displays, as well as ads in Rolling Stone and People magazines.